Stéphanie-Félicité de Genlis女子教育思想之探究

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Stephanie-Felicite de Genlis (1746-1830) was a famous French female writer, musician, novelist and educator during the period of 18-19 century. Contemporaneous with J.-J. Rousseau and the publication of his renowned Emile, her educational thought was deeply influenced by Rousseau. Genlis was an active figure in the French society , and the works she wrote were popular at that time. Many of her works were written for her own teaching activities, so almost all of her works were educative. Among her numerous works, the most celebrated is Adelaide and Theodore, through which Genlis express clearly her thought of education and female education. While she was affected by Rousseau’s natural education thought, she also was a powerful attacker to his female education about Sophie, and this stimulate the interest of the researcher for the study of Genlis’ educational career and her educational writings. The purpose of this research is to inquire into Genils’ thought of education (especially her female education) as a women educator more systematically, to understand her deepening and broadening of practice of education. In term of this article, the author hope to find out some clues of historical development of western female education and deepen the foundation of history western education scholarship.
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  • French Educational Thought
  • Girl’s Education
  • Feminism
  • Naturalist Education
  • Western History of Education
  • Genlis
  • Rousseau


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