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This study was developed and implemented the RGB laser system for a continuous-wave and narrow-pulse laser generator. The laser diodes can produce the lasers of high optical output power with wavelengths 635 nm (red beam), 532 nm (green beam) and 450 nm (blue beam). An AC–DC converter and linear regulator were developed. The power stage of the AC–DC converter used a single-stage quasi-resonant flyback converter, which can meet the universal voltage range input and power factor correction. Moreover, in order to achieve the continuous-wave by laser diodes and the use of high-frequency pulse-width modulation to generate pulse waves (about 1 s), a gallium nitride transistor and a high-frequency operational amplifier were used to compose a linear regulator.
Effective start/end date2019/08/012021/07/31


  • Continuous-wave
  • narrow-pulse
  • quasi-resonant flyback converter
  • gallium nitride transistor
  • linear regulator


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