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Library management or library reader marketing, cannot rely only on the library managers with their experience or their intuitive decision-making. Instead, there must have practical evidence as a reference for effective decision-making. From the application of the Pareto principle in enterprise management, it can be seen that analyzing important customers helps to increase the profit of products through marketing. Such the concept can be analogously applied to library readers and their book circulation. If we use library readers’ circulation data to find that the 80/20 rule (or "Pareto Principle") exists in their library, we can further explore library management and reader marketing issues from three perspectives: vital readers, useful collections, and both. This study first explores whether there exists the phenomenon of Pareto Principle in the public library circulation. We then apply data mining technology for analyzing the vital readers, useful collections and both, to explore the possible clustering models or rule patterns. Finally, this study attempts to introduce the concept of target marketing for library reader marketing and puts forward feasible steps.
Effective start/end date2019/08/012020/07/31


  • Pareto Principle; 80/20 Rule; Bibliomining; Target Marketing; Library Marketing


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