IEA 國際公民教育與素養調查研究(ICCS2016)(5/5)甲

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The report focuses on the findings of the International Civic and Citizenship Education Study (ICCS 2016) carried out from 2013 to 2018. ICCS2016 was conducted by The International Association for the Evaluation of Educational Achievement. The purpose of this study was to investigate students’ knowledge and understanding of civics and citizenship as well as students’ attitudes, perceptions, and activities related to civics and citizenship. ICCS gathered data from more than 94000 students in their eighth year of schooling in about 3800 schools from 24 countries. In Taiwan, there were 150 school principals, 2344 teachers and 4454 students participated in this study. The findings of Taiwan students’ performances are as follows. First, the students ranked top two in civic knowledge among 24 countries. Second, the supporting for gender and ethnic equality of Taiwanese students was higher than the students in other countries. Finally, Taiwanese students showed higher frequencies in the use of new social media for civic engagement. However, the students showed lower frequencies in participating in organization or group civic engagement. This report provides some suggestions in the aims, curriculum and instruction and policies for civic and citizenship education in Taiwn.
Effective start/end date2017/06/012018/06/30


  • Civic and citizenship education
  • Citizenship
  • ICCS 2016


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