3D虛擬世界中探索式合作專題應用於專業英語教學之理論發展與成效評估: 以台灣深度旅遊為例

Project: Government MinistryMinistry of Science and Technology

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The phenomenon of English as a lingua franca refers to the well-accepted situation that speakers with different first languages communicate with each other predominantly through English. For the rapid changes in social and economic trends, English for specific purposes (ESP) has turned into a need. In order to provide a channel for learning scaffolding in situated learning of ESP, this project combines ESP, PBL and in-depth tourism in Taiwan to design a set of activities for students to explore and cooperate in learning progress. The learners can work together to solve potential problems encountered while designing authentic travel itineraries. We also aim to evaluate the effectiveness of 3D immersive collaborative PBL on students’ ESP ability and awareness of local identity through empirical research. The purpose of the current study are to develop a curriculum structure which is suitable for improving students’ professional English ability. At present, the researches with National Taipei University of Business and Chinese Culture University have done. The participants’ works are presented on the ESP website. In total, eight journal papers have been published.
Effective start/end date2017/08/012020/07/31


  • ESP
  • PBL
  • immersive learning
  • 3D Virtual Reality


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