FIGURES 9–12 in Descriptions of two new notodontid species from the relic Fagus forests in northeastern Taiwan (Lepidoptera, Notodontidae)

  • Shipher Wu (Contributor)
  • Wei Chun Chang (Contributor)
  • Li Hao Wang (Contributor)
  • Chia Lung Huang (Contributor)
  • Yu-Feng Hsu (Contributor)



FIGURES 9–12. Habitus of Pheosiopsis species. 9. P. s e ni Wu & Hsu sp. n., male, holotype (BMNH); 10. ditto, female, paratype (NTNU); 11. P. abalienata Kishida & Kobayashi, 2005, male, holotype (SCAU); 12. ditto, female (NSMT). Bar scale = 10 mm. Photo by Shipher Wu (9, 10, 12); Min Wang (11).
Date made available2016 Dec 31

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