FIGURES 2–7 in A new species of the genus Synanthedon Hübner [1819] (Lepidoptera Sesiidae) from Taiwan

  • Jia Yuan Liang (Contributor)
  • Cheng Kang Zhang (Contributor)
  • Mei Xia Chen (Contributor)
  • Wei Liu (Contributor)
  • Shi Zhong Zheng (Contributor)
  • Yu-Feng Hsu (Contributor)



FIGURES 2–7. Synanthedon suhua sp. nov., Scale bar = 5 mm. 2–3 Male, holotype, TAIWAN: PINGTUNG (NHM). 4–5 Male, paratype, TAIWAN: PINGTUNG (NTNU). 6–7 Female, paratype, TAIWAN: HSINCHU (NTNU).
Date made available2022 May 3

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