FIGURES 17–20 in DNA barcoding and morphological data reveal a new Hyposoter (Hymenoptera: Ichneumonidae: Porizontinae) reared from a rare zygaenid moth Artona flavipuncta Hampson, 1900 in Taiwan

  • Young Fa Chen (Contributor)
  • Chia Lung Huang (Contributor)
  • Yu-Feng Hsu (Contributor)



FIGURES 17–20. Female of Hyposoter distriangulum sp. nov. 17, Lateral view of head and mesosoma (scale bar = 1 mm); 18, Lateral view of abdomen (scale bar = 2 mm); 19, Ovipositor (scale bar = 500 µm); 20, Ovipositor sheaths (scale bar = 500 µm).
Date made available2017 Oct 18

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