FIGURES 1–6 in On a New Insular Subspecies of Chrysozephyrus mushaellus (Matsumura) (Lepidoptera: Lycaenidae) Discovered from Hainan

  • Yu-Feng Hsu (Contributor)
  • Yik Fui Philip Lo (Contributor)
  • Rung Juen Lin (Contributor)



FIGURES 1–6. Male adults of Chrysozephyrus mushaellus (Matsumura). 1, upperside of C. m. paolongkoui Hsu & Lo, ssp. nov., holotype, 2, underside of holotype, 3, upperside of C. m. mushaellus (Taiwan), 4, underside of C. m. mushaellus (Taiwan), 5, upperside of C. m. rileyi (Guangdong), 6, underside of C. m. rileyi (Guangdong). Scale bar = 1 cm.
Date made available2021 Jan 13

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