Figures 10-17 from: Hsu Y-F (2020) The identity of Alfred Wallace's mysterious butterfly taxon Lycaena nisa solved: Famegana nisa comb. nov., a senior synonym of F. alsulus (Lepidoptera, Lycaenidae, Polyommatinae). ZooKeys 966: 153-162.



Figures 10-17 Specimens of Famegana nisa (Wallace, 1866) 10, 11 male, Queensland, Cairns 12, 13 female, Queensland, Mt. Stuart 14, 15 male. Hong Kong, Yuen Long District, Shek Wu Wai 16, 17 female, Hong Kong, Ching Mun CP, Tai Mo Shan. Scale bar: 0.5 cm.
Date made available2020 Sept 17

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