FIGURE 5 in Six new species of the Cyrtodactylus intermedius complex (Squamata: Gekkonidae) from the Cardamom Mountains and associated highlands of Southeast Asia

  • Anchalee Aowphol (Contributor)
  • Ngo V.A.N. Tri (Contributor)
  • Lee Grismer (Contributor)
  • Olivier S.G. Pauwels (Contributor)
  • Thy Neang (Contributor)
  • Nikolay A. Poyarkov (Contributor)
  • Roman A. Nazarov (Contributor)
  • Perry L. Wood (Contributor)
  • Matthew L. Murdoch (Contributor)
  • Jesse L. Grismer (Contributor)
  • Hung N. Nguyen (Contributor)



FIGURE 5. Tree: maximum likelihood topology illustrating the relationships of the Cyrtodactylus intermedius complex. Black circles represent nodes supported by BPP and UBS values of 95% and 95, respectively. Gray circles denote nodes supported only by BPP 95% or above. Map: distribution of the species of the Cyrtodactylus intermedius complex from the Cardamom Mountains and uplands of Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam. Localities of new species represented by circles, localities of known species represented by triangles, type locality of C. intermedius represented by a star, and locations of specimens included in genetic analyses but are considered incertae sedis represented by squares.
Date made available2019 Feb 8
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