Figure 22 in A new lycaenid butterfly exclusively associated with the subalpine sclerophyllous oak forests in Taiwan (Lepidoptera, Lycaenidae, Theclinae)



Figure 22. Distribution of Teratozephyrus species in Taiwan. Circle denotes T. yugaii; semi-open circle T. yugaii plus T. elatus; triangle T. arisanus (data resource: Yamanaka 1980; NTNU specimens). Locality list: 1, Taipei Co.: Sanxia, Beichatianshan, ca 1700 m; 2, Taipei Co.: Wulai, Lalashan, ca 1500 m; 3, Ilan Co.: Datong, Siyuanyakou, ca 2000 m; 4, Ilan Co.: Datong, Siyuanyakou, ca 2100 m; 5, Taizhong Co.: Heping, Shenmazhenshan, ca 3100 m; 6, Taizhong Co.: Heping, Nanhubeishan, ca 3500 m; 7, Taizhong Co.: Heping, Lishan, ca 2000 m; 8, Nantou Co.: Renai, Biluxi, ca 2300 m; 9, Hualian Co.: Xiulin, Guangyuan, 2335 m; 10, Nantou Co.: Renai, Keinanguan, ca 3200 m; 11, Hualian Co.: Xiulin, Bilu, ca 2100 m; 12, Nantou Co.: Renai, Songgang, ca 1900 m; 13, Nantou Co.: Renai, Meifeng, ca 2100 m; 14, Nantou Co.: Renai, Cuifeng, ca 2300 m; 15, Jiayi Co.: Alishan, ca 2100 m; 16, Jiayi Co.: Alishan, Yushan, 3950 m; Jiayi Co.: Zhoushe, Dashuiku, 3200 m.
Date made available2005 Feb 28

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