Figure 2 in New damselfly hosts and species identification of an aquatic parasitoid Hydrophylita emporos (Hymenoptera: Trichogrammatidae) in Taiwan



Figure 2. The antenna of female Hydrophylita emporos. (a) Radicle under light microscope. Arrow indicates the trichoid sensilla type 5 (Tri. 5). (b) Pedicel under light microscope. Arrow indicates the recurved trichodea sensillum (RTS). (c) Apex of the pedicel under SEM. (d) Anellus 2 under SEM. Arrow indicates the coeloconic sensilla (CS). (e) Club 2 under SEM. Arrows show the basiconic peg sensilla (BPS) and placoid sensilla (PLS). (f) Apex of C2. Arrow indicates a BPS at the apex of C2. (g) Anelli under SEM. (h) Anelli under light microscope. Arrows indicate anellus 1 (A1) and 2 (A2).
Date made available2019 Nov 29
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