Figure 2 from: Kurita K, Nakamura Y, Okamoto T, Lin S-M, Hikida T (2017) Taxonomic reassessment of two subspecies of Chinese skink in Taiwan based on morphological and molecular investigations (Squamata, Scincidae). ZooKeys 687: 131-148.

  • Kazuki Kurita (Contributor)
  • Yukiko Nakamura (Contributor)
  • Taku Okamoto (Contributor)
  • Si-Min Lin (Contributor)
  • T. Hikida (Contributor)



Figure 2 - Color pattern alteration of Plestiodon chinensis formosensis (left, from western Taiwan) and P. c. leucostictus (right, from Green Island). Hatchlings (A vs. E), juveniles (B and C v.s. F and G), and adults (D v.s. H). Photographed by H.-Y. Tseng A, C, G, H; R.-J. Wang B, F; S.-M. Lin D; and C.-W. You E.
Date made available2017 Aug 2

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