Figure 2. A, G in Asymmetric acoustic signal recognition led to asymmetric gene flow between two parapatric frogs

  • Yu Wei Hsiao (Contributor)
  • Hui Yun Tseng (Contributor)
  • Hung N. Nguyen (Contributor)
  • Si-Min Lin (Contributor)



Figure 2. A, G-PHOCS estimates of effective population sizes, divergence times, and migration rates between two clades of Buergeria otai and B. choui. There were two significant migrations: one from the ancestors of B. otai to B. choui, and the recent one from B. choui to eastern B. otai. Gene flow estimated by MIGRATE-N (B) and δaδi (C) revealed congruent results, indicating the gene flow only occurred between B. choui and the eastern B. otai.
Date made available2021

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