Figure 1. A in Asymmetric acoustic signal recognition led to asymmetric gene flow between two parapatric frogs

  • Yu Wei Hsiao (Contributor)
  • Hui Yun Tseng (Contributor)
  • Hung N. Nguyen (Contributor)
  • Si-Min Lin (Contributor)



Figure 1. A, sample localities across the east and the west contact zones. B, molecular phylogeny, and (C) population structure of Buergeria otai and B. choui using RAD-seq data. The phylogeny was constructed by RAXML using 877 SNPs. STRUCTURE plot of two species and populations of B. otai were constructed with 824 and 4954 RAD loci, respectively. Bootstrap values correspond to phylogenetic analyses with SNPs and concatenated RAD-loci sequences.
Date made available2021 May 1

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