Electronic supplementary material; A Cattle Egret Preying on a Takydromus sp.; A Cattle Egret Preying on a Takydromus sp. from Tail regeneration after autotomy increases survival: a case from a long-term monitored lizard population under avian predation

  • Ying Han Wang (Contributor)
  • Si-Min Lin (Contributor)
  • Jhan Wei Lin (Contributor)
  • Kuen Chih Hung (Contributor)
  • Ying Rong Chen (Contributor)



This file contains a 7-year monthly fluctuation of the four Avian predators and autotomy rates of the grass lizards, with details of model selection in survival estimation.; A cattle egret (Bubulcus ibis) attacked and swallowed a Takydromus lizard. This bird corresponds to the major reason of adult mortality in the green-spotted grass lizard (Takydromus viridipunctatus) which inhabits open grasslands. Filmed by Miss Jen-Yu Kou.; Cattle egret (Bubulcus ibis) is the major predator contributing to adult mortality for Takydromus lizards. Photographed by Dr. Chia-Yang Tsai, under the support of Chi Sing Eco-conservation Foundation.
Date made available2017 Jan 1
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