Coastal uplift in the Kuroshio



The Kuroshio is the western boundary current of the North Pacific Ocean. In the subtropical region of eastern Taiwan, a coastal uplift of the isotherms has occurred. To explore its impact on this oligotrophic ecosystem, hydrographic data along the transect line at 23.75oN were measured between September 2012 and September 2014. Results show that the intensity of coastal uplift was positively correlated to the flow volume transport of the Kuroshio. Significant dissolved inorganic nutrients were uplifted to the sunlit zone, especially onshore. This dataset contains data collected from six shipboard measurements taken from the R/V Ocean Researcher I between September of 2012 and 2014: September and November 2012, June and September 2013, and July and September 2014 in the Kuroshio, east of Taiwan described in the paper: “Chung-Chi Chen, Chun-Yi Lu, Sen Jan, Chih-Hao Hsieh, Chih-Ching Chung (2022). Effects of the coastal uplift on the Kuroshio ecosystem, eastern Taiwan, the western boundary current of the North Pacific Ocean. Frontiers in Marine Science“. The main results of this study included eight figures as described in the paper, and please refer to it for further details.
Date made available2022 Jan 21

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