Additional file 5: Figure S2. of Ice age unfrozen: severe effect of the last interglacial, not glacial, climate change on East Asian avifauna

  • Fumin Lei (Contributor)
  • Fei Wu (Contributor)
  • Xin Lei Li (Contributor)
  • Qiang Zhang (Contributor)
  • Feng Dong (Contributor)
  • Jian Yun Gao (Contributor)
  • Shou-Hsien Li (Contributor)
  • Xiaojun Yang (Contributor)
  • Chih Ming Hung (Contributor)



Histograms indicating comparisons of ten climatic variables among LIG, LGM and Present. The means of each variable was calculated based on 1506 occurrence records after spatial filtration at 5 km of all the combination records of 11 birds. The temperature data are in centigrade (°C) and precipitation is in millimeters (mm). The asterisk (*) indicates P ≤ 0.001 calculated with a paired-samples T test. The results show larger seasonal climatic variability at the LIG than the LGM or the present, being warmer in summers (Bio_5), colder in winters (Bio_11), drier in dry seasons (Bio_14) and wetter in wet seasons (Bio_16). (PDF 407 kb)
Date made available2017 Dec 6
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