Additional file 3: of Comparative transcriptome analysis of the invasive weed Mikania micrantha with its native congeners provides insights into genetic basis underlying successful invasion

  • Xianggang Shi (Contributor)
  • Yelin Huang (Contributor)
  • Pei-Chun Liao (Contributor)
  • Chunmei Li (Contributor)
  • Wuxia Guo (Contributor)
  • Bing Hong Huang (Contributor)
  • Wei Lun Ng (Contributor)
  • Weixi Li (Contributor)
  • Ying Liu (Contributor)



Assessment of per-base sequence accuracy of M. micrantha, M. cordata, and M. cordifolia unigenes. (a) Mapping depth distribution of assembled unigene sequences. Histogram shows the percentages of bases with certain ranges of coverage depth. (b) Identity distribution between assembled unigenes and their corresponding sequences from public databases. (PDF 132Â kb)
Date made available2018 May 24
PublisherUnknown Publisher

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